New INOU2022 project:

New INOU2022 project, entitled “Revitalization of the olive sector in the province of Ourense: use of olive pruning from native Galician varieties and valorization to obtain value-added compounds”. The main researchers are Sandra Rivas, from the EQ2 group, and Patricia Reboredo, from the Food and Health Omics group.

V Annual Meeting: CINBIO

The V Annual Meeting will be on 28-29th July, returning to its
face-to-face original format. Participation is free, but registration is
needed. Abstract submission is available from now until May 16th.

information and confirmed speakers in our web:

PhD Thesis

On October 1, 2021, the defense of the doctoral thesis “Green extraction processes for the valorization of paulownia residual biomass”, presented by Paula Rodríguez Seoane, will take place from the auditorium of the Faculty of Sciences of Ourense. The thesis has been supervised by Drs. Herminia Domínguez González and Beatriz Díaz Reinoso.