Researching since the 90s

The EQ-2 group began its journey in the early 90’s in Ourense coinciding with the birth of the University of Vigo. Started by Professor Juan Carlos Parajó, the group has been growing as new professors and researchers have joined, depending on the teaching needs and the competitiveness in merit competitions for research staff.

At present, the group is made up of some 20 researchers, two of whom are university professors, two are tenured university professors, two are doctoral lecturers, five are doctoral researchers, seven are pre-doctoral students and one is a support technician.

Its research work, although in continuous evolution, has always focused on the development of processes for the obtaining of value-added products from the different components of the plant biomass (cellulose, hemiceluloses, pectins, phenolic fraction and extracts). Its objective has been to develop multi-product processes (following what is known as “Biomass Refineries”), which seek economic profitability and sustainability. The latter includes the use of renewable resources, and technologies that cause the least environmental impact.

Its objective has been the development of multi-product processes, which seek economic profitability and sustainability

For its work the group has two laboratories in the Faculty of Sciences and at the Building of the Campus del Agua of Ourense.

They have supercritical extraction equipment, filtration with membranes, pressurized reactors, fermenters, equipment for the evaluation of prebiotics and extruder and injector for tests with new materials. Some of them (supercritical extraction, membrane equipment, reactors and fermenters) are also available on a pilot scale.

Research Projects
R&D Contracts
Doctoral Theses

As a result of its work, the group has developed 35 research projects (some of them European) and 6 R&D contracts with companies, has published more than 250 articles (most of them in prestigious international journals) and has presented 18 doctoral theses.