BIOPLATFUN Project starts

The Ministry of Science and Innovation has just granted the EQ2 group funding for a new project on biorefineries
(BIOPLATFUN), which will be directed by professors José Luis Alonso and María Remedios Yañez.
The project, entitled “BIOrefineries for the production of BIOfuels, PLATaform chemical compounds and new FUNCTIONAL ingredients”, will have a duration of 3 years and a budget of 209,000 euros.
Throughout this time, the team, which also includes foreign researchers, will develop new biorefinery technologies whose purpose will be the conversion of various raw materials of forest and agro-industrial origin into basic chemical products, new prebiotics aimed at human health and green biofuels.
To this end, the use of processes that respect the environment will be considered, seeking to provide new outlets for forest resources and agro-industrial by-products, thus contributing to the development of a green and circular economy.

Project PID2020-116717RB-I00 funded by: