PhD Thesis of Beatriz Díaz Reinoso

The next day December 1st, 2015 at 12 in the morning, in the auditorium of the Faculty of Sciences of Ourense will take place the defense of the doctoral thesis“ERecuperación de antioxidantes por tecnologías emergentes a partir de efluentes industriales y residuos forestales”, of Beatriz Díaz Reinoso. The thesis has been supervised by Drs Herminia Domínguez, Juan Carlos Parajó and Andrés Moure.


15th October 2012 was held the defense of the doctoral thesis “Production and purification of new prebiotics from agroindustrial byproducts” by Martina Martinez Sabajanes in the Faculty of Science of Ourense. The thesis was conducted by Dr. Juan Carlos Parajo Liñares, Dr. José Luis Alonso Gonzalez and Dr. Remedios Diaz Yanez.


The EQ-2 group has received through Prof. Juan Carlos Parajó the “Ourensanía 2011” award in the University, Education and Investigation section.